Health is Wealth

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What is the use of having millions and billions in one.s bank account and yet not enjoying good health? A healthy man can enjoy the benefits of his wealth. But a wealthy man will always followed by physical complaints if he is not healthy.

In fact, if you are ever asked to choose between the two, always opt for good health. because health can give wealth, but wealth does not ensure health. very often the desperate search for wealth makes a man unhappy. It brings along with it stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, ulcer and diabetes. It deprives a man the necessary physical exercise. It makes him follow unhealthy food habit in the name of saving time. As a result he has to spend the later part of his life in and out of hospitals and undergoing expensive operations in order to keep himself alive. Finally he dies a stressful premature death. And all the wealth he has accumulated is distributed amongst his heirs. rather he could have enjoyed his wealth while he had lived if only he had believed in the dictum, . Health is wealth .


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