#2 - Handsome is as handsome does

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#2 - Handsome is as handsome does

Handsome is a word which is usually called for physical attractiveness, good looking and a charming person.

No doubt that everyone like beauty and love beauty. Allah says that He is beautiful and like beauty. It is often happened in our life that if we see any beautiful person we called him handsome and praise him.
No doubt that beauty attracts to every one but the really beauty is the beauty of character which is eternal and which is really praiseworthy.
The person which is handsome and beautiful will attracts us just for a short time if he does not have the beauty of his character. The beauty of character is one's way to behave others, attitudes, good manners, and his polite nature etc. A person who has not the beauty of face but the beauty of character then surely one will like the person who has the beauty of character. Because one cannot live with handsome person with having no good character and inner beauty.
Physical beauty is mortal but inner beauty is immortal and people always remind in good words if a person dies having inner beauty.
As one of Great Muslim Scholar, Sheikh Saadi said that a cruel person dies but curse on him always remain.
Same like if one does something good and beneficial for others then he is surely going to rule over the hearts of peoples even after his death.

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