As You Sow So Shall you Reap.

4:55 AM Shivam Annapure 5 Comments

This well-known proverb ‘As you sow so shall you reap’ might have been derived on seeing a farmer. A farmer sows the seeds expecting to reap a good harvest. If he ploughs his field well, waters the crop, uses fertilizers and takes pains to see to every aspect of its growth, naturally he would profit from a bountiful harvest. On the other hand, if a farmer does not take care of the crop from the time he has sown the seeds, the final product will not satisfy him. The inherent meaning is that the consequences depend on the action. Our present makes our future. If you toil and strive and mould your present well enough, you are bound to reap its fruits. Gandhiji had rightly said, ‘Power comes from sincere service’. 

Mother Teresa, on account of her care and compassion for the poor and destitute, gained love and adulation from the masses. A child who is well matured and motivated to study well will surely shine in his academic field and grow up into a good Samaritan. All men desire the blessings of perfect bliss. We can either make or mar our own destiny. Each of us can be an architect of our own future and fortune. If he sows the seeds of sin and corruption, he will reap the harvest of ruin. Hence our duty is clear, we must be virtuous to achieve happiness, for as we sow so shall we reap.

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