Rome Was Not Built In A Day

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Rome in the proverb stands for any great achievement.

Romulus and Remus built the ancient city of Rome. It took many years and thousands of workers to construct the magnificent city of its time. Huge amounts of energy, resources and expenditure and time were involved in erecting the city that became the envy of the world.
Similarly any great task in life does not happen overnight like Jack’s beanstalk. It requires time and effort. It grows out slowly after years and sometimes even after centuries of careful and painstakingly patient work.

Take for example the great wonders of the world. We often admire their greatness but are apt to forget the tremendous amount of money and material, human labour and time that have gone into their making.

The Taj Mahal, a marvel of architectural workmanship tool seventeen tears to complete. The huge pyramids of Giza took several generations of Pharaohs to attain their overpowering magnitude and staggering height. The Great Wall of China is another case in point. These random examples are enough to prove the truth of the saying.

People in our country are impatient of the slow pace if our progress to prosperity. They often contrast our poverty with the affluence of the USA without bothering their heads with the facts that it took even the Western capital coupled with technical skill and the virgin soil of America about a hundred and fifty years to make the USA the rich and prosperous country that we admire. We cannot eradicate the poverty of centuries within a few decades. It will take time for Rome was not built in a day.

Similarly a student who desires top the class has to devote most of his time in studying hard. He has to put in time and effort. He has to plan his schedule in a proper way from day one. Students who study at the nick of time end up getting bad scores.

Nothing can be achieved in a single day. There is nothing called instant success. Therefore one should be patient throughout his journey to reach his goal.

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  1. Taj Mahal took 22 years to complete not 17 check and correct