Laughter is the Best medicine

4:56 AM Shivam Annapure 4 Comments

In an age where man does not find time to think about himself, laughter can be considered as a good agent of relaxation. In today’s mechanized and busy life, people don’t get enough time to socialize. As a result there is no relaxation. Laughter serves as stress-buster as it releases positive energy. It fills the person  with enthusiasm and zeal and he is ready to face the world again. Nowadays, we can see many laughter clubs coming up in big cities. These clubs function mainly because of the drudgery of human life in today’s world. People take anti-anxiety drugs for relaxation. 

These drugs have far-reaching effects which are damaging for the kidneys and other organs of the body. Instead of taking these medicines if people interact with their family members and friends and have a hearty laugh then they would be more relaxed. They will get new energy for their work and it will enhance their performance. Laughter is certainly the best medicine which has only favorable effects. When a person cracks a joke, we laugh. When we laugh, the blood circulation within our body improves and as a result our face glows with radiance.

 So, next time, you feel low, have a hearty laugh and feel the difference. You’ll feel refreshed and replenished with new vigor and enthusiasm.

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