2: Manners Make the Man

6:39 AM Shivam Annapure 0 Comments

Good manners are needed to form good character. Manners can make or mar our personality. If good impressions fall on our mind our character will be good and vice versa.
Manners include etiquette, politeness, sympathy, discipline and good social conduct. It also means being helpful and having respect for others. Well – mannered people are friendly, courteous and pleasant company. They are patient with others and get well with society
Parents and teachers are the role models, who can teach their wards and students good manners and their importance in life.

Good manners support us in achieving our goals in life – they help us to become successful in business, service or any profession. They cost nothing but pay us rich dividends.
Manners teach us to live and let live. They teach us the importance of vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the world as a family.

Good manners are a wealth, which we earn in our life, something, which is your own earning so one must always protect and preserve this goodwill.
Bad mannered people are abhorred by society and they become misfits in society. People remain away from them because they cannot stand them or because they create a non conductive atmosphere around them.
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