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Barring people who are dumb, human beings have been blessed with the gift of speech. Without freedom of speech one feels curbed, confined and constricted. No man can grow to his fullest stature without freedom of speech and expression. But while almost every body talks, few people take the trouble of thinking. Talking comes naturally to a human being, but thinking requires mental exertion. Everybody is gifted with reason, but few person make use of this faculty. Man is a rational animal, but all men do not benefit by the rational faculty. Thinking is, indeed, foreign to most people.

 The result is that words are spoken, decisions are taken, and actions are performed by people without any previous thinking. The want of thinking in most such cases leads to unpleasant, and even disastrous, consequences. If an individual says or does something thoughtlessly, he may have to pay heavily for it. If a politician makes speech without giving due thought to what he says, he may cause a tumult, an agitation and even a riot. Some people have the gift of the gab but little capacity for thinking. They often blurt out words, without realizing the implications of what they are saying. 

are reckless in speech. So thinking is an essential part of a wise man’s mental equipment. Indeed, a wise man speaks less and thinks more. And whatever he speaks is the result of his thinking. But wise men are in small minority in this world. The world is inhabited largely by talkative people who consider thinking to be an avoidable hardship.
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